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Goodway DUCT Duct Brush Soft Nylon Goodway Indonesia

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01 / 10 / 2020
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CV. SURABAYA COOL merupakan Global National Supplier Produk Tube Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuums, Cooling Tower Maintenance Systems, Dry Steam Sanitation Solutions, Descaling Systems, Coil Cleaning Products, Hose & Pipe Cleaning Systems, Dll. Kami berdiri sejak 2010 sebagai Authorized Distributor Resmi dari Brand Terkemuka bernama GOODWAY USA.

Detail Goodway DUCT Duct Brush Soft Nylon Goodway Indonesia

Goodway DUCT Duct Brush Soft Nylon Goodway Indonesia
Soft Nylon Duct Brushes from Goodway are made to deliver high performance cleaning, when used with our duct cleaning systems. Available in a wide variety of sizes from 4" (101.6mm) - 18" (457mm) I.D., Goodway Soft Nylon Duct Brushes are recommended for removing light debris in round ducts. Match to duct size I.D. for best fit
Detail Tube inner diameter
DUCT-06 for tube inner diameter 6 inch (154,4mm)
DUCT-08 for tube inner diameter 8 inch (203,2mm)
DUCT-10 for tube inner diameter 10 inch (254mm)
DUCT-12 for tube inner diameter 12 inch (304,8mm)
DUCT-14 for tube inner diameter 14 inch (355,6mm)
DUCT-16 for tube inner diameter 16 inch (406mm)
DUCT-18 for tube inner diameter 18 inch (457mm)
High quality, durable construction
Made from soft and durable nylon
For removing light deposits
For ducts 4" (101.6mm) - 18" (457mm) I.D.
Surabaya Cool
Alamat : Jl. Wiguna Tengah IX No. 25, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya
WA : 0812-3316-8461
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Goodway Indonesia
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