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Goodway Stainless Steel Coiled Tube Brush

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13 / 01 / 2021
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CV. SURABAYA COOL merupakan Global National Supplier Produk Tube Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuums, Cooling Tower Maintenance Systems, Dry Steam Sanitation Solutions, Descaling Systems, Coil Cleaning Products, Hose & Pipe Cleaning Systems, Dll. Kami berdiri sejak 2010 sebagai Authorized Distributor Resmi dari Brand Terkemuka bernama GOODWAY USA.

Detail Goodway Stainless Steel Coiled Tube Brush

Goodway CBSE-075-20 Bi-directional Stainless Steel Coiled Tube Brush
Our patented Bi-directional Stainless Steel Coil Brushes offer maximum cleaning power. They effectively provide twice the cleaning power through a unique combination of aggressive brushing and wiping actions. They are ideal for cleaning medium to hard deposits. The ability to load in the tube, regardless of orientation, saves time. Bi-directional Stainless Steel Coiled tube brushes are available for tubes .875"-1.000" O.D. with BWG ranges 16-22. Select tube O.D. and gage for proper sizing.
High quality, durable construction
For cleaning medium to heavy deposits
Use with Goodway condenser tube cleaning systems
For tubes .875"-1.000" O.D. with BWG ranges 16-22.
Mesin water chiller
BWG 18
Detail Tube outer diameter
CBSE-075-20  for Tube outer diameter 0.750"
CBSE-087-20  for Tube outer diameter 0.875"
CBSE-100-20  for Tube outer diameter 1.000"
CBSE-112-20  for Tube outer diameter 1.125"
CBSE-125-20 for Tube outer diameter 1.250"

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