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DriPak ® 2000 Filter

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06 / 12 / 2019
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CV. SURABAYA COOL merupakan Global National Supplier Produk Tube Cleaning Systems, Industrial Vacuums, Cooling Tower Maintenance Systems, Dry Steam Sanitation Solutions, Descaling Systems, Coil Cleaning Products, Hose & Pipe Cleaning Systems, Dll. Kami berdiri sejak 2010 sebagai Authorized Distributor Resmi dari Brand Terkemuka bernama GOODWAY USA.

Detail DriPak ® 2000 Filter

DriPak ® 2000 Filter Designed for high performance in demanding operating conditions, the ultrasonically-welded DriPak 2000 extended surface pocket filters can function as prefilters or final filters where clean air is a necessity. DriPak 2000 filters are ideal for healthcare facilities, automotive paint booths, commercial buildings, and a variety of industrial applications. Designed and manufactured by AAF International, pioneers in extended surface pocket filters, the DriPak 2000 filter raises the industry standard for value and performance.
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